Part 2 Getting Ready

So, you have a screenplay ready, but you now need a cinematographer, an actor, an editor, and possibly even a director.

Filmmaking can be expensive. But if you are a first-time filmmaker with a small budget, you are unlikely to have the same production quality as Hollywood. So, it is important to utilize all your skills and abilities to reach your goals. You must be organized to know exactly what you need before you begin shooting your film and what you should bring to the chosen locations. In this part, we will cover the roles and responsibilities of a film production crew, as well as compare the positions of each member.

It is both an art and science to make a film that sounds and looks professional and has high production values. You can increase the production value of your film by being a budget-conscious filmmaker. The tips in the following chapters will help you stretch your budget to cover the necessary expenses and organize some extras at a fraction of the cost.

Part 2 Gearing Up