Part 3 Starting Film Production

Filming or Starting Film Production is the main single step in film production. The main step is to capture the raw video and all the sounds and shots that the script requires. Your equipment will be the most important element, provided that all other elements are in order. A suitable camera is the most important, as well as microphones. Suitable lighting should also be considered.

Part 3 of Starting Film Production will show you that you can make a movie with any camera you have, whether it is a traditional film camera or your smartphone that is always at hand, or an 8K high-definition digital camera that closely resembles a film stock look.

Starting Film Production

I will explain the meaning of “Lights camera, action!” which dates back to the very early days of movie-making, and will¬†have you tuned in for the chapter on sound production.¬†I will give you all the necessary information to direct your actors, and then take you to your film set.

Part 2 Gearing Up